With an HRE370 Electric Mower, you can send your jerry can into early retirement. Save yourself the trip to your local service station to fill up the can, and simply plug the HRE370’s cord into your wall socket instead.

The HRE370 can be used with an extension cord of up to 25 metres, ensuring that even if you’ve got a patch of grass a short distance from the edge of your house, the HRE370 can be relied upon to do the job.

The HRE370 was first introduced in 2012 but has already found itself to be an integral part of the suburban cowboy’s backyard arsenal. Everybody wants their yard to be the envy of the neighbourhood. Well, the HRE370 is here to help you


Like most of Honda’s impressive lawnmower range, the HRE370 comes standard with a 4 year Warranty for use around the house, so you and your lawn will have peace of mind for the life of your investment.

It’s also backed by Honda’s network of 450 authorised dealers around Australia, so wherever you are there’ll be a friendly Honda face to say g’day.